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I can't seem to make a button that pauses an animation--the animation stops and returns to its initial state.

It looks like pausing is supported on the supported features list so I'm hoping there's a way to do it I'm just not seeing. It does work in the ePub preview although I know that doesn't mean much.

Here's a link to my indd file: https://we.tl/t-MeKRUCVeOB

Edit: The Resume option doesn't seem to work either.

Here's a link to a second indd file where the animation starts on page load. I have a pause button and a resume button and neither works: https://we.tl/t-a8coCCKXkb

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Hi Maurice,

Sorry, we missed your question. For anyone with the same question, the fix will be available in in5 version 3.7.8.
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Hi Myra,

The Info and Updates panel is showing that 3.7.8 is available but when I download, the installer still appears to be 3.7.7. Is there another place I can go to get the latest?

Hi Maurice - You can download the installer for 3.7.8 here:
Excellent, everything is working now, thanks April!
That's great to hear, Maurice.
Hi April, sorry to return to this one but I happened to need to pause/resume an animation again and this issue has returned. I'm using InDesign 2023 and In5 3.8.11. It does work in Publish Online.

Hi Maurice, would you be able to send me both of the following for us to troubleshoot?

  • Your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue
  • Your html5_output folder

You can send them here:

Hi Myra, it's only been a year but this just came up again :)

I can't send download links but I can share a file with support@ajarproductions.com, so I just sent that invite.