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Hi. I've got an object state working with an animation and it reverses with the animation in the InDesign preview, but the reverse isn't working in browser. It looks like the "reverse" feature is supported by CSS and I saw it was supported by in5 (might be an old web page, tho, not sure), so could you take a look at my files/ouput and let me know if it's something incorrect in my files or if this might be a bug?

Thank you!

InDesign file


I'm on 8/19/2020 version of in5.

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We are still taking a look at this and tracking down the exact issue, as the "reverse" should be working.
Hi. Do you have an update for me on this?

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Apologies for the delay! Reversal of animations does work, but not within MSOs.

Workaround: The button trigger button can be inside a two-state MSO and the menu can simply be a separate group. The buttons in the 2-state MSO each have an animation trigger, one plays the animation, one reverses it, and both buttons trigger the next state of the button MSO.
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