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Hi there,
My scrolling Frame seems not to work anymore in my latest InDesign 2020 (v15.1) on a Mac. I have done them successfully in the past, and have just followed Laurie Ruhlin's video instructions on Ajar Academy just to make sure I've done everything right. I noticed a thread where Justin says he's releasing an update for Indd-v15, but I cannot seem to find it. I reapplied for the Scrolling Frames extension at https://ajarproductions.com/scroll/ and upon reinstalling and restarting Indd v15.1 it still invoked the v1.1.1 of the Scrolling Frames Widget.
Is there an update I am unaware of?
Here is my Packaged Indesign File
And here is the in5 output on my server (It's to be a webapp so is at a large 1440 x 2960 aspect ratio)

Many Thanks! Still loving in5 by the way. It opens up so many more opportunities!
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I am also using Scrolling Frames v 1.1.1. I took a look at your file. There are a couple of issues. First, the placed content is grouped. Second, the text frame is resized so that you can see it has overset text. Universal Scrolling Frames use the container frame to reveal content that is larger than the container. Here's how you can get it to work with your file:

  1. With the Selection Tool, double-click on the text frame to select the group
  2. Cut the group
  3. Paste the group on the pasteboard
  4. Ungroup
  5. Expand the text frame so that all the text appears
  6. Reposition your rounded rectangle with instructions back below the frame
  7. Copy the expanded text frame and paste into the frame
  8. Select the container frame
  9. Go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > Scrolling Frames
  10. Scroll Direction is already set to Vertical, but set it back to Off and then back to Vertical

I hope that helps.
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Thanks so much mferguson. Yes it was a group as the instructions in the widget say you can use a group of items to cut, but I did not realise - or had forgotten - that the text frame needs to be in full and not overset. So that works beautifully now. Many thanks. Hugely Appreciated. :-)
Yay! I'm so glad it helped. I should clarify that Universal Scrolling Frames does work to make grouped content scrollable, but in this case, it didn't look like part of the grouped content was supposed to be scrollable.