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I created 3 alternate layout with the same amount of pages. I can't export as a responsive layout. All pages are exported on after the other.
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In your email, you said that you found an extra page that had gotten inserted at the end of one of the alternative layouts. For anyone else who isn't able to export a responsive layout, here's a checklist where you can start:

  1. You must have a Gold plan or higher (otherwise it will only export a few responsive pages).
  2. You must have Alternate Layouts in your document.
  3. The layouts must have matching page counts (in5 switches between matching pages when you scale the browser).
  4. The layouts must have differing page dimensions (so in5 knows when to adapt the layout).

Here's more info on creating a responsive layout:


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Yes, this problem occurred with me also. Few things to notice:

  • Make sure you have converted the page setup to "Alternate Layout"
  • Make sure you have equal number of pages for all 3 layout setup in same way (Same way means desktop page should be against the phone page [Same topics]).
  • Do not select anything while exporting.
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