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Hi. I was browser testing a multi-page website, created in v 3.5.4, that was rendered as images (no live text). In Firefox and Chrome, everything was looking really good and crisp, before, during and after animations would execute. then I tested in Safari, and for some reason the sharpness keeps softening and sharpening intermittently, noticeably softening just before an animation executes and then sharpening up again afterward. Because I have a variety of animations per page, triggered by buttons, the pages look like a camera that's going in and out of focus constantly. Do you know why this is happening in Safari but not in other browsers?

Thank you, MC
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First, I would recommend downloading the latest version of in5 (https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/download.php) which is v3.6.4 to see if the issue persists. Then, take a look at this solutions article on What to do when images are fuzzy or blurry (https://ajar.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/26000035926-what-to-do-when-images-are-fuzzy-or-blurry-when-exporting-from-indesign-with-in5).
Thanks. I am not able to use the latest version as I'm in the middle of a set of pieces that were started in 3.5.4 and the animation method/behavior is different. I'd have to re-do a lot of work that I can't undertake at this time. So I have to stick with this version for awhile. I will check out your article link. Thank you. MC

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Update: Try v3.6.8, I believe we were able to resolve the Safari blurring issue.

This has to do with how Safari renders. It lowers the quality of things that are actively animating to maximize performance.

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I had a feeling it was a browser function. Is there a way to override this that you know of? When pages are built as images with text and graphics, it makes the text keep going in and out of focus, which makes the user think something is wrong with the site, not to mention it is really annoying. Maybe some sort of script to turn it off? MC
Wow I was just about to ask this same question. Hard to believe that the Safari engineers think this is a good idea. Hopefully there will be a workaround or an upgrade that solves this.