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Justin, is there a way to have the scroll indicators on scroll frames stay visible upon page load? Even when I make sure that HIDE is un-checked before exporting, the scroll indicators are only briefly visible (for about .25 second) and then disappear. They reappear when scrolling in the frame, but because I have scrollable frames on the same page as non-scrollable ones, it would be more helpful to the user for the scroll indicators to be always visible. Am I missing something? Thanks, MC
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Thank you! I see that it IS an OS setting, as you say. Hmmm. I may delve into getting something programmed to keep them visible, but at the moment that's not my top priority on this project. Was hoping I could get it working directly from within in5 and not mess with it any more. Didn't know the OS was going to interfere...again. That seems to be an emerging pattern.