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My exports are getting an error, when i turn the page (flipbook) the animated elements are animated twice.
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Please send me details on both, along with sample files, and I will be happy to take a look:
This one is tricky...still working on it.
Hey Justiiiiin! You're the bomb my friend. We've created a program that was removing the doubled animations. It had to do with the spreads and the flipbook.

I've seen you updated in5, I'll check later if it works and Ill give you feed back. Thanks mate!

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This should be fixed in the current version (3.3.7):
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Justin. I still have double animations!
I’m getting that error too with version 3.3.7
Bummer. Please send me your updated files (output and InDesign) and I'll get to the bottom of it:
Version 3.3.8 fixed me the error with chrome, safari, ipad, iPhone, but I still have the error with Microsoft edge
Good to know. If you want to send your your HTML, I would be very happy to test it with Edge and work on getting that fixed too.