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I'd like to add functionality just like how Adobe Publish Online has the ability to force full screen with a click on an image. Here's how I'd like it to work:

1. Go to landing page with in5 html file

2. Click on thumbnail of my document

3. Force full screen presentation mode

- instead of having to click on the small full screen button inside of my in5 page
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Can you point me to a Publish Online example of that? I've never seen it before.
It's actually the default option when choosing the iframe option within Publish Online. If you look at the embed code that is generated and grab just the URL, it has "allowFullscreen=true" tacked on the end. If you open that in browser and click on the image, it will force full screen. That's what I would like to be able to replicate if possible.

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This is my best idea based on your description of the Publish Online setting.

  1. Create a new first page.
  2. Create a button with your own custom icon.
  3. Apply a URL Action in the Buttons and Forms Panel.
  4. Set the URL to
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