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When you have a large document, the Page Thumbs are not very helpfull, so I love to have a vertical-scroll option where you can see all the pages at once. Is that possible? Something like this

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Interesting idea. I'll pass your feature request along. 

In the meantime, you can try modifying the CSS in the exported pages.css file using the Resources section in the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog (in5 > Export HTML5 with in5...).

Or you could manually make a pop-up with thumbnails by doing the following:

  1. Export your content with the Viewer Display option to have in5 create the thumbnails of the images for you.
  2. Copy the thumbnails from the images folder inside of the html5_output folder to another folder (so that you don't accidentally overwrite them when you re-export)
  3. Place the thumbnails on your master/parent page
  4. Make each thumbnail a button with a Go To Page action that is set to its corresponding page
  5. Add rollover states, if desired
  6. Add a button to close the pop-up
  7. Group the buttons
  8. Make the selected group of buttons a multi-state object (MSO)--InDesign will duplicate the group in 2 object states
  9. Go to the Object States panel menu and select Add "Empty" Space
  10. Delete State 2 (the duplicate of State 1)
  11. Select the close button and add a Go To State action set to go to the MSO's empty state
  12. Add an open thumbnails button on the master/parent page and set a Go To State action set to go to the MSO's State 1
  13. Export without the Viewer Display (unless you need it for one of its other options)
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