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the option to make the social media buttons not fixed. for example it would be great on long scroll pages to position the social media buttons at the end of the content (not the bottom of the window)


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Hi Stephan,

For that type of control, I would suggest inserting the social media links directly into your InDesign layout.

I usually reserve the in5 options for "around" the layout, so that the designer has full control from InDesign (and in5 isn't altering the page content itself).
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Hi Justin,
did you have a good script for insert the social media and a mail buttons direct into the document. the goal is not to share the complete document, we want to share single articles (for example: https//:lsb.nrw/wis/aktuell/#p=10 (for article on site 10) or https://lsb.nrw/wis/aktuell/#p=24 (for article on site 24)

This site works well for generating social media links: