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I need to add footer buttons (well, they are already there) in an InDesign doc that shares the current page to FB, Twitter and email, all of them with a custom page thumbnail.

Ideally, when on the browser, clicking the button would send an email with a link to the current page or share that actual page the user is in...

I absolutely need to replicate this:

note the social media/email buttons at the end of every page...

Any suggestions?

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You can build the links by using InDesign's Hyperlinks panel. For the email, choose that as the link type, and you can enter a subject line at that point. You'll create hyperlinks for the social media buttons using the URL option. To create ready-made links to social media sites, this does a good job: http://www.sharelinkgenerator.com/

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Additionally, if you use the multi-page web output format or a Slider page format (with the following customization) it will share the current page:
I have tried but I don't know what to put in the URL fields. I mean is a page of my own document I need to share to FB/TW...
Will keep on trying though...
Thanks Justin, will give it a go today and will let you all know how it goes. Thank you!
Hi Justin and EGamet, just to let you know I manged to do it finally by hand, a link at a time... Now I have a similar question but will post it in a new thread. Thanks for helping me out! :)
Glad to hear it. :-)