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Hi Justin.

We have a request from a potential costumer about creating presentation slides with our editorial system, based on InDesign server.

PDF will be our first option. But in addition I was thinking about using the in5 API for that. Can this be done?

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Hi Toni,

in5 is available for the InDesign Server, but it requires a separate license.

It works in a very similar fashion to the API.

Feel free to contact me to discuss it further.

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is trial version is available?
No, there's no trial version of the server version. I recommend using the API demo for testing purposes. It's very similar and the output will be identical.
I have used the below demo API in the script

in5api.runDemo() but it not working in the server version

got below error:

Thu Mar 30 22:12:15 2023 INFO   [server] errReferenceError: in5api is undefined

If i need to change in the setting in the server side
It won't. It's not designed to. I'm suggesting you use it on the desktop version to get a feel for how the server version would work because the API is very similar.