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Hi, are there any IN5 freelancers available to help me with projects? I work for a major publisher house, i have an overflow of work and i will need a hand.

Contact me if interested, resume and sample of work required.

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Update: There is now a hand-selected list of in5 Certified Professionals (organized by location, specialty, language, etc).

I'll put out the word on social media.

Here are some resources that you could check with for help with your in5 workload:

A few more

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Thank you Justin, I recognize several of these names from Linda.com and the adobe professional community. I will reach out to them.
Thank you again. saw all of the training you are doing on Lynda. looking forward to watching them. i think your product works great and i am eager to use it more.
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Hi, i am sorry, my mistake. I need people that can speak english and are in the United States.
I can speak and write in English, but I'm not in the USA I'm in the south of France.
When you look at my documents you hear the cicadas singing and it smells of the herbs of Provence.

JR has an excellent reputation and has done a course on in5. He would be a great resource as well.
Merci Justin.

(The course should be released at the end of holidays, end of august of early September)
I am sure you know what you are doing. I just have to follow what my superiors ask for me to find. Thank you Jean.
No problemo, I understand.
May be next time.