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I made an Ipad Webapp, perfectly sized fullscreen. My hole navigation is based on horizontal swipes.

It works pretty well, when adding "iscroll", because vertical movement of the page is then disabled. Unfortunately I have to deactivate a few pages for scrolling, … and on this pages i can now move the page vertically.

That s a problem, because it s not very nice to swipe, when hole pages moves in every direction.

Is there a code, which bans the vertical (scrolling) movement?

Thank you a lot.
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Do you want to ban vertically scrolling on some pages or all pages?
all pages. Thank you a lot Justin!

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I think if you attach the following code as .js file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog, it should disable scrolling on every page once the document has loaded.

$(window).load(function() {

   $("#container").swipe("option", "allowPageScroll", "none" );


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Hi Justin,

thank you, I will try it