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I was wondering about user experiences with in5 output files and Wordpress.

I have read up a bit on HTML5, CSS and JS but it's not my day job so I must apologise in advance if anything here sounds too obvious to those in the know!

Basically, I'm planning a Wordpress multisite with paid memberships to sites within the multisite. Output from in5 (whether straight HTML5 or web app wrapped) would sit on one of these sites.

On non-Wordpress domains, you upload the index file and assets via FTP but of course Wordpress is a CMS and has its own files (plugins, CSS, HTML etc.) I guess I can use front-end Wordpress tools (like Visual Composer) to upload HTML content, though I'm not sure how this goes with folder assets like audio and images.

I know I should bite the bullet and start experimenting but it may save me a few steps if someone has some advice or experience already.

Many thanks in advance.
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Update: There's now a WordPress plugin to embed in5 content in a post or page:

in5 is made to retain the layout of InDesign and Wordpress has it's own layout engine.

You can include a document inside Wordpress using the following method: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/demos.php#how-to-embed-html-from-in5-in-another-web-page

However, I would not recommend trying to translate in5 output into a Wordpress theme. They are just different beasts.

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Thanks for your response. I guess similarly that we can embed from a public Dropbox link too (https://ajarproductions.com/blog/2014/06/25/dropbox-as-a-web-server-in-3-easy-steps/).
Yes, that would be a possibility as well.
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