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I'm on a Windows 11 machine running InDesign 17.0 with in5 3.7.17. Currently creating documents and exporting as Web to then upload index.html next to assets folder through WP File Manager. When viewing the pages off my hard drive everything shows correctly. The pages use horizontal slider navigation and all content loads correctly. However, when uploading we get this: https://internal.boogiebooth.com/boogiex/index ; everything loads as one page and barely any media is present.

Posting to ask if there is a workaround/fix/update to make my webpages display correctly or any insight to what I'm doing wrong. Happy to provide any other information needed.

Thank You!
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I recommend double checking to make sure that the entire "assets" folder was uploaded to the server in the same directory as the index.html page. If you are still having trouble, you may want to email us at support@ajarproductions.com. Thank you!
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