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Hello guys,

is there a way to use "Go To Previous View" on a button with in5?

I have a huge document. When I implement a link to a bookmark, I also want the user to be able to get back to the position of document that he was reading befor following the link.

Thanks for your support.


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So actually I am looking for a way to jump back to the last selected bookmark.

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Update: The current version supports the Previous View action and will take the user to the previously viewed page.


Sorry, Stephan. There isn't a way to do that without writing your own JavaScript code.

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What kind of script should be?
It would be a javascript that listens for a hashchange event.
Could you give me example of that code?
I activated hashtags in sliderSetting, but i can just change hashtags names in browsers by  window.history.go without actual moving back to previous slide.
Hi copylefter,

I don't have time to write that code at the moment.

It might be easier to export 1 HTML file per page, that way each page will have its own URL: