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I do not know how to use Typekit fonts there is only tutorial for Google fonts
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Typekit now supports CSS embed codes (way easier than the JavaScript solutions):

You can now simply attach the CSS hyperlink as a Resource, as you can with Google Fonts:

Full Typekit walkthrough:

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The process would be similar, except that you would use a Typekit URL (which I believe is only available as a JavaScript link): http://help.typekit.com/customer/portal/articles/6780-adding-fonts-to-your-site

The second line listed in the link above would need to be pasted into a .js file and attached as a local JavaScript file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog:


in5 will then wrap this code in a script tag. Make sure this Resource item is below the first one in the list. The Typekit JavaScript file must be present before this line of code is called.

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You have to do a few things:

- Typekit: //use.typekit.net/lfx4lkr.js
- Change for: http://use.typekit.net/lfx4lkr.js

The names of the typefaces change in web or  desktop. There is change in the css.

Example typography desktop: Grafolita Script

Typekit Name: grafolita-script

Why not implement Typekit Kit ID?

"If you're using a plugin or service that asks for a Typekit Kit ID, use this:xxxxx"
Good to know, pardog.

I would love to implement Typekit through ID and make this seamless. Unfortunately, Adobe doesn't offer any hooks to access this info as an extension.
I hope you get it
Hi There!

I am trying to use typekit fonts within my in5 export, but cant seem to get it to work.

I have added the line http://use.typekit.net/zgk5rbc.js (from my typekit) to the JavaScript section in Resources and have also added a JS local file containing try{Typekit.load();}catch(e){}. However when exported it does not work and defaults back to a generic web font.

Could you please assist me with this? Not sure what I'm doing wrong...
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Typekit is a bit tricky. Here's a better answer than my previous one...

You can attach the following as a .js file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog:

var typekitURL = "//use.typekit.net/REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_FILENAME.js";
var tkscript = document.createElement('script');
tkscript.type = 'text/javascript';
tkscript.src = typekitURL;
function loadTypekit(){
    if(!this.Typekit) {

VERY IMPORTANT: The above code should get Typekit loaded, but you must also add the domains you're using to host your content to your kit on the Typekit website:
*.MY_SERVER_NAME.com, localhost

Note: Typekit will not work on your local machine (without a server), you must post your files to a server.

Also, you'll want to make sure the full font name (e.g. "Calluna Sans" rather than "calluna-sans") has been added to your kit, since that's how in5 will output it.

Here's a link with some other troubleshooting ideas.

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I want to use Coporate A in InDesign and match it to a typekit font. But the Problem is: The font-family in5 outputs is called "Corporate A Pro" and the CSS-class Typekit demans is called corporate-a

How can I match them?
Hmm...that's tough one.

You could try attaching something like the following as a .js file in the Resources section of the in5 dialog:

      var p = $(this);
      var ff = p.css('font-family');
      if(ff.indexOf("Corporate A Pro")>-1) p.css('font-family','corporate-a, '+ff);

That should save you from having to do a find and replace after each export.
Hey! thanks for sharing a code I successfully add into my coding section It's working. Before reading this post I try on the [URL removed] for help purpose. But not getting any response.
Hi Bellclaire,
The URL that you listed is not an official Adobe site. All Adobe support goes through the adobe.com domain.