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Please include saving export settings. When exporting many different files and setting all options (especially with custom JS and CSS) every time is tiring and can lead to forgetting something.
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Thanks for the suggestion. We'll put this on our list.

+1 from me

I'd like to add that during testing it's very cumbersome having to set all the export setting for each export.

Ideally, I would wish for user-saveable export presets for different products but at least it should remember the last used settings. I've seen this done (and done it myself in an Illustrator script) by writing simple config.xml files that contain the settings.

Hi Justin.

How far are you on this?

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It's near the top of our list for the next couple of updates. We may have to rewrite the UI (due to changes in upcoming versions of InDesign) before adding this feature, so it will take at least a few months.
Hi Justin,

ist this option already possible?
Not yet. This will almost certainly be in v3.
Ok. When du you think will be v3 availble? :)
Not sure. Perhaps about 6 months from now. We're only in the planning stages.
Hi Justin,

do already know if this Feature is part of the In5 v3 in June?
Hi mmayr,

This feature is slated for the second wave of v3 updates. If I can fit it into the 3.0 update, I will. If not, it will be available shortly after that.

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Available in version 3, with a Pro plan:
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