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I am exporting from ID CS6, for use in a Baker Framework magazine app. On some pages I have links to website URLs, which is done using a button with  "go to url" applied. When I click the button in the folio previewer, I see a "Done" button in the menu bar at the top, and when I click this the web page goes away. However, I do not get that button when I export the file and view it on my iPad, so I cannot make the page revert to the original content. So my question is, am I doing it wrong?
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OK, well I think I figured it out, so let me answer my own question and say that the answer seems to be here: https://github.com/Simbul/baker/wiki/Managing-links-and-urls

Sorry for the bother!

Copying details from Baker Page on how to launch external URLs:

External links

External links target an external HTML page, for example:

<a href="http://www.external-site.com?referrer=Baker">Link to external site</a>

There are two different behaviors associated with external links, based upon the referrer query parameter:

  • the referrer attribute is specified and it is equal to Baker: Baker will open the linked page in the modal internal browser.
  • the referrer attribute is specified and it is equal to Safari: Baker will open the link directly in Safari Mobile. Please however be sure that this is really what you need to do, since it will create an inconvenience for most of the users.
  • the referrer attribute is not specified or it is different from Baker or Safari: Baker will load the content of the linked page inside the current page, replacing its content with the new one.

NOTE: the parameter is used in Baker and will not be used in the URL to contact the server. In the example above the server will receive only http://www.external-site.com.

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