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I have an autoplaying presentation working well. With Justin's help I even learned how to add some javascript to make it loop without 'rewinding'. My question is, how can I make it so that on rollover the presentation pauses, then on rollout continues?

BTW I am trying to replicate the behavior of the carousel on this page:


Thanks in advance!
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You would need custom JavaScript to pause a presentation that uses Presentation Mode. 

Instead of Presentation Mode, you might try making a Multi-state Object of each slide and use the in5 Slideshow widget. The Slideshow widget lets you loop the content and lets you select Tap to Play/Pause.

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Thanks Myra, the MSO route works fine. I guess I just enjoy working with In5 and pushing to find the limits of what it can do :)
I'm glad I could help, and I LOVE that you push in5 in creative directions! Keep up the good work. :)