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Hi there,

I have created a navigation bar that contains drop down menus as MSOs. Elements unfold when hovered over and collapse when rolling off. I have made this navigation bar a fixed element so that it is present on all my pages.

The problem is that regular buttons don't react anymore if they happen to be placed under the unfolded state of the dropdown menus, even when those are collapsed. It is as if they were active at all time, even when they are not, preventing interactions in the areas covered by their unfolded state.

Is there a way to go around that issue...?

Thank you
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In general, for buttons to work, they cannot be covered by other content. 

You can, however, place buttons over other buttons and use the Show/Hide Buttons and Forms action to make a covered button work.

Here's more information about creating buttons:

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Thanks Myra,

Ultimately I would indeed resort to use show/hide buttons, but it can become quite cumbersome on larger sets.

In any case, isn't it odd that an invisible element (the dropped-down state of the menu, hidden before being triggered) would interact with an element visible on the page?
In InDesign, when you select an MSO--even if it is set to an object state that contains the "empty" state (which is actually a small rectangle with no stroke and no fill)--the selection shows a dashed blue rectangle for the full size of the MSO based on the largest object state in that MSO. If there are any buttons underneath that full size selected MSO in your layout, then you'll know that it's covered in your output.