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New user here... long-time InDesign magazine publisher, coming over from Adobe Muse (don't laugh, I know). I'm redesigning my magazine's website using InDesign and In5. Loving it so far. I have a few problems I'm trying to figure out.

Mainly, I'm using an InDesign template, I've been making lots of additions, modifications, tweaking, etc. Here's the problem. My menu links everywhere to pages within the same InDesign document (Contact, Podcast, that sort of thing). But I want to be able to create a separate page for stand-alone articles. Something like "Click here to read this article" and then, when clicked, it takes you to a new page within the site where the article is. It seems so basic, but I can't for the life of me work that out. When I export the InDesign file via In5, the site looks terrific, but I know there must be something I'm missing with the links to other separate pages?


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Thank you for the kind words about in5! :)

I also replied to your email, but for anyone else with the same question, you can export separate documents and make links to them. Here's an article that describes how to create relative links:

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This is great information! Thanks so much - I was able to quickly figure it out with your help and that tutorial video. Great stuff!
You're very welcome! :)