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Dear Myra, thank you again for your reaction. I have been trying 2 ways:

I went to: In5>Enhancements>Presentation Mode


1. Enabled Presentation Mode and unchecked every option (including keyboard navigation)

2. Disabled everything including Presentation mode.

I'm sending both screenshots to let you see what I did. I'm sure I do something wrong but I just can't see what!

Many thanks for your time,


in(in5 > Enhancements > Presentation Mod(in5 > Enhancements > Presentation Mod

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I'm sorry that you're still not able to remove the keyboard navigation. Thank you for adding screenshots of your Presentation Mode settings.

Would you be able to send us the following for us to troubleshoot?

  • Your InDesign file or a sample file that recreates the issue
  • Your html5_output folder

You can send your files to us here:

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