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I'm working on a website prototype that's going to be probably 30 or so pages, each with a bit of interactivity like slideshows, and some linking between pages. I'd like to keep them all in separate files so they can be worked on and updated separately, like in Erica's video.

Would it work to import the separate docs into one file and export with In5? I'm also thinking of doing a navbar as a fixed position element. Would all this just work, or should I put everything into one ID file?

I guess I'm looking for some advice before I get too far into this LOL


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Hi Maurice,

Instead of placing an InDesign file inside of another one, I would recommend embedding the output from another InDesign file using the Web Content interactive widget. The difference is that placing it will export that layout as an image, whereas embedding its output will preserve any interactive features.

If you want to work with separate files, you could export them separately and link to them:

If you're not exporting a responsive layout, then you could use your alternate layouts to help organize your content within one InDesign file.
You can use a navbar with Fixed Position Element applied. If you export your files separately, make sure to use relative links to preserve the paths to the other files. The article above discusses relative links.
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Great, thanks Myra!
You're very welcome. :)