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In IN5 export, audio autoplay doesn’t stop when the user turns the page (only iphone). 

Specifically, there are different pages and one main audio for the whole project; a few pages have their own audio (separate from other). The main audio should go out when the user navigate to the page with its own audio.

e.g. main sound1 starts in page 1 and it continues in page 2, etc..; from page1 the user can navigate to another page with its own soundx.  

On the browser:

  • desktop site: from PC and from any devices, everything works
  • from Android device mobile version: everything works
  • from Iphone device mobile version: the feature doesn’t work as expected, but sounds1 and soundx are playing simultaneously. 

How can I solve the problem for iPhone devices in mobile version?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pier, I'm having our developer take a look at the files you sent. I'll let you know when I get more information.
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