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Hi. I'm working on placing videos in a continuously scrolling website. They are set to autoplay on page load. That function seems to be working nicely. When setting up the video windows, I'm ONLY checking Autoplay and mute, leaving all other boxes in the widget unchecked. However, when I render the site, the video will pause when I click the window and it will resume when clicked again, which is what I don't want to happen. I thought leaving those boxes unchecked would keep the video window unclickable, basically. Am I missing something in how the video element should be set up?

I want to keep the video from being pausable/resumable because I'm hoping to build some info buttons over the top of it that create popup definitions. The only things I want to be active over the video window are those info buttons. If the user accidentally clicks off the button, they may wind up pausing or resuming/restarting the video, which is an unwanted action. Please let me know if there's a different way to disable user control over the video. Thank you!
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Yes, that's unexpected behavior. I'm going to send this to the dev folks to see what they can find... and hopefully get a quick fix and implement that in the next version.
Thanks very much!
Erica, I was just talking with Myra in another thread about video rewinding even though that is unchecked in the video widget. I figured I should mention that in THIS thread as well, just in case it turns out to be another unexpected behavior in the video window we talked about above.

I had asked for some .js to allow the autoplay video to not replay when a page is scrolled to more than once. What Justin provided did work to disable the autoplay, but the videos rewound to the first frame rather than staying on the final frame (the desired effect). Myra told me to "uncheck" the auto rewind box, but it was not checked to begin with. So that's why I'm adding this note to this thread. Let me know if you think it's related. Thanks!
Interesting! I tried on a clean document with all manner of options checked and unchecked, and all paused when clicked. I have the devs looking at files output with and without the "Allow Pausing" selected... hopefully they will root out the issue.

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The video pausing issue has been fixed in the latest version of in5 (3.8.9).

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Thanks, Erica. The Pausing does seem to be fixed, however you can re-run the video just by clicking on the window. Is that what should be expected? I had hoped that both Pause and Replay would be disabled on the video window. Also, I don't have Auto Rewind box checked, but when I scroll back through the pages after the first time, all of the videos have rewound. Seems like if I have that box unchecked, they should park on the final frame and stay that way. Or, are they doing that because the videos are set to play onPageLoad?  MC

One option would be to block the pause and replay by simply putting an invisible button over the video itself, blocking all interaction.

And, yes, the replay happens because you've set it to play on PageLoad. You may be able to keep them from replaying by attaching code in the Resources section of the output.

See the discussion and code here and follow-up discussion here for more info on that.

Hi Erica. Thanks for that tip about putting an invisible button over the video to keep it from being controlled by clicking. I may need to try that some time, but for now I've got things working as needed. I've added rewind buttons beneath each video so that users can review the video if they want to after they land on the final frame.
That's great!