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I am using in5 version 3.8.8 and InDesign 2022 (17.3) on Windows 10. I am also using the latest version of the in5 plugin on my website with wordpress 6.0.
My problem is that publishing through the plugin does not work (anymore). When I click on "Click to embed here" in the wordpress editor, the two tabs "Library" and "Add new" open. However, when I upload my .zip file under "Add new", nothing happens. This happens both when I go the way via "Select an archive" and when I try to upload the .zip file via drag-and-drop. Nothing happens at all... The .zip file is not uploaded and therefore does not appear in the "Library" tab. Publishing through the plugin is therefore not possible.
I would be very grateful if you could help me with this, because I used to enjoy the plugin very much. The last time I used it successfully was about 6 months ago; since then, of course, new versions of in5, InDesign and Wordpress have been released, so I can't attribute the problem to a single trigger.
Many thanks for your help!
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I'm sorry that you're having trouble using the in5 WordPress plugin to upload your content. There are a few possible causes of the issue:

  1. There is interference with a 3rd-party plugin.
  2. There is interference with a 3rd-party plugin.
    • In WordPress, try going to Plugins and deactivating other plugins. Then try uploading the zip file of your content.
  3. You're using an older version of the WordPress plugin.
    • There was an update to the in5 WordPress plugin to version 3.1.3 that adds an extra check to see if "classic-editor=1" is in the URL. You might give that new update of the in5 WordPress plugin a try. 
  4. There is interference with a theme.
    • Try resetting WordPress to its default theme and then uploading your content.
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Thank you so much! The plugin WPGlobus was the problem. There is an interference between WPGlobus 2.10 and in5. I did a rollback to WPGlobus 2.3 and now in5 works again.
Thank you!
I'm so glad to hear that it's working again. Thanks for letting us know. :)