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I'm creating Google Display banners in Indesign. Each banner in 4 sizes.

While testing the banners, i found out, that the document pagesize is added to the meta description. But since im working with multiple page sizes via 'Alternate layouts' It would be better if i could save the layout dimensions in the meta description.

In an old video its explained that i can add the code while exporting, but managing 20 variatitions of 1 banner, it would be nice if this information could be passed automatically. And sice the meta data is placed in the index.html, i think that it would be possible, but that im overlooking the richt setting.

Thanks in advance for anyone who will reach out.
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You could use the in5 API that's available in the Elite and Enterprise plans for a bulk export of multiple pages of different sizes in separate alternate layouts within a single InDesign file and make the document pagesize for each page get added to the meta description. If you have any issues with the document meta tag, you can send us your InDesign files to troubleshoot.

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