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I have an 170 page InDesign document that I wish to export to HTML using In5.  Predominantly I placed images in table cells as part of a text flow but recently I have wanted to place the image directly into the cell (as a graphic cell).  Upon export the compiler has been crashing with the following:

Error: Invalid Object for this request

Active Process: getting paragraph links

line: 220

Reverting the cell back to a text cell and anchoring the image within the text fixes the issue but this is not ultimately how I want to manage the cell.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Thank you for posting the screenshot of the error. There have been a few updates recently, so you might try downloading the most recent version, in5 version 3.8.4, installing it, and re-exporting.

I would also recommend checking the Hyperlinks panel (Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks) to make sure that all of the links resolve. You can see where there is an issue if there is a red circle or a red flag to the right of a hyperlink.

If you're still having issues after exporting with the most recent version, would you be able to send us your InDesign package (File > Package) to troubleshoot here:


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