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Hi. I have created a list with links that lead to different places in different pages by programming buttons with "go to destination" and using  "New hyperlink destination"  to determine those places.   When clicked, instead of going to that specific place of the page, it just goes to the top of that page. There is no problem in desktop version, because the page appears in full and any place on the page in in sight. The problem is on mobile version, because sometimes the destination is out of screen. The magazine was exported as multi-page web.
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The text anchors don't work when you export as multipage web (it defaults to page, rather than the anchor). Are you exporting as multipage to save on size?
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Hi. Yes. I am exporting as multiple pages. I wonder if there's a way to modify the link in the html file. For instance change the current link that looks something like this: "onclick="nav.to(18); nav.to(18,[57,450,57,474],'#item108683')" by a more absolute path; something like the name of the resulting page and the anchor id. What I cannot figure out is how to determine the anchor id and how to write it.

When you export with "render text as images," of course, those anchor points get mapped with their co-ordinates (which is what you referenced above). So it may be possible to change those, it would be difficult and could end up breaking the navigation. Exporting with text rendered as HTML text could also end up breaking the navigation. You might have better luck with this option, but you introduce the risk of the text not appearing the same as your layout. Rendering as images gives you the greatest fidelity between your InDesign layout and the HTML output.