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Yeah!  I finally got my in5 plugin to embed my file!  But I have a large space under my page. Here is my embed code: 

<iframe src="//nmfe.webhosting.cals.wisc.edu//sites/318/wp-content/uploads/in5-archives/nmfe-mockup-1-2/NMFE Mockup/index.html" width="1920" height="1080"></iframe>

So under my 1920 x 1080 page is a large space that you can scroll down, it has the file name and a menu (full screen, magnify, etc)  I like the menu, just want to get rid of the dead space. 

Thanks for any help!  I am a newbie to Wordpress so don't know if I need to fix it in there or in the InDesign In5 export!  Mimi

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Hi Mimi,

It looks like the space is in the document and not the iframe because the in5 Viewer Display is showing at the bottom. I hope that helps.
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The document is setup in InDesign as 1920 x 1080. Is there something in the export from In5 selection that I might have wrong?
Set up your document with the dimensions you want the pages to be when they are exported. So if you want the exported content to be 1920 x 1080, then set that as the dimensions. Based on the screenshot, it looks like you would want a shorter page.

With the Slider Page Formats, you can make the pages different sizes if they aren't all as short as the one in the screenshot above. In InDesign, select the Page Tool and Alt (Windows) / Option (macOS) drag an edge to change the page size.
I do have the InDesign file document set-up to 1920 x 1080 and when I open the html locally on a browser, it looks correct.  The problem arises when I embed the file in Wordpress using the In5 plugin.  I do get the extra space no matter what the settings are!  I went ahead and edited the iframe dimensions just to see if I could trick it into working, but I either got a really small version of my screen or something completely unexpected.  I think the problem probably lies in the theme that I am forced to use at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I have no control over that so I will write an email to them and see if there might be something they can do to give me more freedom over the theme/page...
Are you using a third-party editor (such as Elementor) along with the theme? It's not recommended and you can view how to work around this here: https://ajar.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/26000036714-is-the-in5-embed-plugin-compatible-with-wordpress-editor-plugins-e-g-elementor-

If you want to send us the HTML output folder, we can test it on WP with another theme to see if that's the issue. Send via Dropbox link or WeTransfer using the form here: https://ajarproductions.com/pages/contact.php