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I am building an layout that is a interactive curriculum that is using basically an MSO pop-up to house about 6-8 videos.  This whole thing will be housed on a Word Press site at the University I work at.  I am not sure if I should put my videos on my private YouTube site and embed them or put the videos in the file.  I was told that you have to use YouTube or Vimeo to stream video but is that true?  I like the videos being directly placed because you have more control of how they play and pause using buttons in InDesign.  But if they won't play right (this whole streaming, codex thing), then am I stuck using a hosting site for the videos.  The videos are going to be played in a 1280 x 720 pop-up window. They are basically people talking over powerpoints or out in a field, all less than 7 minutes long.  Thanks for any advice or insights. And I apologize if I am clueless.  This is my first foray into the interactive videos in a layout world!
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We usually recommend linking to the video to keep your file size low. Depending on the circumstances (for instance, the user will obviously need an internet connection), this should work for most cases. You would use an embed code if the video host has that available (YouTube and Vimeo do). By embedding them, you will have access to that service's controls.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest walking through the Digital Publishing Course. You can start with the lesson about videos

You can try out video embedding even using the Demo version of in5 to start.

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