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I intend to create sample of a digital magazine.
I tried the newest DEMO version of in5 today.
Testing pages from Indesign and convert it to html5 to integrate it with Baker Framework.

I tried some feature like:
 adding Audio, Video,
Tabbed content menu,
Text scrolled area,
Slideshow images,
use Image Sequence,

I created all those pages and contents with indesign and DPS trial plugin (with Folio Overlay),
everything worked smooth as it previewed with Adobe Content Viewer.

So i converted them to html5 as a bundle for Baker Framework.
then i also run them in my Baker Project.
Previewed in iOS 6.0 simulator and Browser,
+Text scroll area and Tabbed content transition worked fine,
-but animation in Tabbed area between content (fade changing) didn't work smooth.
-the Audio,Video,Slideshow images, and Image Sequence even didn't work at all.

Could you tell me how far actually in5 contribute in html5 content?

And how to fix the error preview of audio/video that didn't work. does it because i just use the free version of in5? will those media work if i use the Premium in5?

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As of version 1.5, Image Sequence is supported and videos are now working within the Slider formats on the iPad:
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Image Sequence is not supported at the moment.

Audio, Video, and Slideshow are currently supported. There are some limitations for iOS devices:

  1. iOS devices are very particular about format. mp4 (H.264 encoded) video, and mp3 audio.
  2. The Slider Format does not currently work with video on the iPad, so another page format must be used (this shouldn't apply to Baker output, since the Slider is not used).

Tabbed content menu: not sure how this was created. It can be done with in5 using MSOs and Buttons, but there would not be an animated transition.

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