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I have a project with over 700 pop-ups. Originally it was going to be local only on ipads in our exhibit gallery. Now with covid, we want to host it on our website so that if people want to not touch the screens they can use their own phones. The problem is I didn't plan for accessibility. So what is the best way to add alt text? I made the pop-ups by placing InDesign pages from another file into five separate files based on their category. Should I put the alt text with the pop-up info file in the original placed file or in the key files where the pop-ups are programmed? Or is this something that should be added in after the fact in the html?  (This question is probably as clear as mud, sorry). An example of the web app can be found here for now jessdavenport.com/vmnhbutterflies/index.html

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi there's an explanation of what you can do on this page. Since you have all your butterflies set up as buttons, you can use the Buttons and Forms palette to name each of your buttons and that will add alt tags. I tried your app with VoiceOver on my phone; I think that would help a lot as well as alt text for the pop up images using the Object Export Options dialog box. I noticed that only the title of each pop up was read by VoiceOver--you might want to look at that as well.

Hope this helps!

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The link Maurice added has the best advice for how to add alt text.

It sounds like a lot of content, so you might want to check out this article for advice on long documents: Tips & Best Practices for Exporting Long-form Digital Documents from InDesign with in5 (and speeding up load time)

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