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while i´m in the eu i need a opt out for google tracking. Is there a simple solution to opt out google via a cookie banner?


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There is a Google Opt-out Browser Add-on. It's something the end-user would need to install on their browser. If you're creating a site, you could add a link to it for visitors to add.

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Hi myra,
i knew the opt out via browser. but what we need in the eu is that the user can choose for him self when he is visiting the page. for this we must set a cokie consent complient. there we must place a opertunity for the user to ckeck the google tracking (standard in the eu is unchecked) and we must set a link to a the terms of use of user data. for example the opensource project Klaro! | Products (kiprotect.com)

for this reason i ask if there is a ready solution. for example a js function to set the variable "useTracker" during the pagevisit - as a session variable. So the user can check or uncheck the tracking. for example a modal window that is showing up during the first visiting with a check / uncheck option and a few links to the terms etc. 



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