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Hello Justin, 

I would like to set up a navigation within a document for the social media links with deep links to pages (in the flipbook format). The navigation will be on the master page. For this I would like to pass on a URL according to this scheme:

 www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u="full path to magazine "/ # p =" page-number " 

Whereby the "full-path" can change and the "page-number" results from the page number of Indesing. did you have an Idea or is there a simple way to determine the "full path" via a variable? and append to the URL string. And is there a way to automatically transfer the "page number" to the "URL string"? 

Many Thanks  for any idea 


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There isn't a way to automate it at this time, but Justin will likely add an option in the future to the social sharing that does share a page vs. sharing a document.

Currently, if you use the Slider format + hashTags, it will share the specific page by default.
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