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Our company is considering purchasing in5 for use in generating animated ads out of InDesign, and we have been testing with the trial version, including using the GIF Maker extension for Chrome. In our initial tests we noted that the pixel dimensions are changing after being saved as an animated GIF. For example (see images below) the HTML5 file generated by in5  would have dimensions of 728x90 pixels, which are the dimensions it was built as. However after using the in5 GIF Maker extension the file dimensions have changed to 730x92 (adding a pixel of white space around the perimeter of the ad). Why is it doing this and how do we keep it from changing the dimensions?

We are using iMacs, running High Sierra (10.13.6), InDesign 2020

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In the Export HTML5 with in5 dialog in the Basic tab, if you're exporting with the Page Format set to Continuous Scroll (Vertical), you'll get a border that increases the size of the GIF. Change the Page Format to Slider (Fade In), and it'll make the border go away so that you can record it using GIF Maker and retain the intended size.
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