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I’m working on an interactive map (using in5's pan and zoom) but something odd happens after I export my InDesign project with in5. My button, which marks a country, loses its functionality and doesn’t animate a text (info about the country) that’s supposed to fly in from the right upon clicking the button. The button loses its functionality to animate this text only when it’s grouped with the image to be panned and zoomed. My “image” is actually a group of countries. The button has to be part of this “image” to be glued to and move with the country as the reader drags the map around. My question is: Is there a step I’m missing to keep the functionality of the button that's part of a pan and zoom image or pan and zoom is just not button friendly?  

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The pan and zoom is not button-friendly.

The pan is listening for click, touch and drag events, and so is the button. Only one can win. :-(
​A scrolling frame would support a button inside, but it will only be draggable on a touch device.
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