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Hi, I have a project where I added videoclips that should play in a infinite loop in the background and start on page load. The clips are cropped in a frame. 

Now when I export the project are my videos getting smaller in size and it seems like the whole video window is displayed with black borders where the format ends (see image). 

Is it possible to export the videos the way I wish, then how? 

Thanks in advance!

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Update: Video scaling/fitting control now available.

What you're seeing is that the frame dimensions don't match the aspect ratio of the video, and the video is maintaining it's original proportions.

I'm working on a way to control this more in an upcoming version.

To remove the black borders ("letterboxes") you can change the size of the video object to match the aspect ratio of the video.

It is also possible to crop the video. To do so, use Edit > Cut on the video container, draw a new rectangular frame, then choose Edit > Paste into. You can then scale the outer frame as desired to crop the video.

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