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Hi Justin,

Related to this question, if I want only the first page to be allowed to swipe but the rest of the pages don't, how would you recommend to write the code?
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You can modify the page filter thusly:


"!=" means "not equal to"-- so it will exclude all pages except the first one.

Here's the entire snippet from the other post with the adjustment:


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Thank you so much Justin.

Just to confirm, I enter this code in the JavaScript area in the resources tab of the In5 window, correct?
Hi Justin, I tested the .js file with the code you gave me and it works like a charm!!!

Thank you so much!

You never cease to amaze me with all your great support and your always prompt response.

Keep up the good work! Our company is loving the In5 tool!

Happy to help, Ed!

So glad to hear that your company is loving in5. :-)