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I need to create a menu where I can link each category directly to a specific page.
At the moment I simply create a series of text-blocs for each section and with the Button function in the InDesign animation panels I link them to a specific page.
(ex: About us --> button link to: page 4)

The problem is, if I add a page before page 4, the ABOUT US page begin page 5, but the link in the menu is always to page 4. I can update manually when I have few pages, but I need to adapt more than 50pages.

So my question is: How can I add a specific name (like #about_us) and link the button to it without taking into account the number of the page?

I hope I was clear.

Thank you for your support

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Create named Bookmark for the page, the set your button to Go To Destination for that bookmark.

It should work even as you add pages.

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Sometimes the simple way is the right way. I never thought about the bookmarks, I don't know why. It works perfectly and I gain LOOOOT of time!
Thank you!
Cool. Glad it worked so well for you! :-)