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When I create anchor tags using bookmarks, the anchors are not exporting into the code. I have tried creating an extra text box on the page as well as just highlighting a word and creating a bookmark from it.  Please advise.

Thanks, Jenn
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Hi Jenn,

I don't believe that the anchor tags do show up in the code currently. I think in5 uses a different way to link to bookmarks.

I may include the anchor tags in a future update.
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Can you explain how I can set up bookmarks in way that they will work with in5?
They typically scroll to a specific location on a page (when possible).

If you walk me through what you want to do, maybe I can suggest a way to do it.
I am trying to scroll to a specific spot on a page. I tried to insert a bookmark, but the code doesn't export anything where I inserted the bookmark.
No anchor tag is inserted. The targeting of a bookmark is controlled by how the link is exported (it includes a y-coordinate when supported).