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I have a full page MSO as a pop up thumbnail map of my site. It pops up when you click a button and off from another button.

When activiated by the on button I would like this to sit on top of the forward back arrows in the horizontal slider export.

How can I do this? I was thinking a z-index might work. It would be great if this could be done in a file that can just be added on in the resources portion of the export. However going in to the css is an option as well.

Thank you!
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Yes, you can attach a CSS file using the resources, target the MSO by name, alt attribute, or class (from an Object Style name), and apply a z-index setting.

I think the navigation arrows for the Slider are at a z-index of 100, so anything higher should appear on top of them.
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Fixed it! You are my hero!
Glad to hear it! :-)