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Wha's the limit of the cache manifest, I read it is 50 Mo for Ios ?

and for android ? it depends of the Web browser I think.

because I'm creating a wedding's photo album in indesign, I would export with In5 to a Webapp.

(In5 is really a great tool that fill the gap of html5 in indesign)

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I wish I had a good answer. The cache limits seem to change frequently (in a good way), and they're not well documented.

Here are some links with info:

Note that audio and video typically do not get cached because they are played by the device's media player (rather than the browser, which does the caching).

Update (May 2016):

Thanks to Chris Converse, I have confirmed that small videos can be cached offline in newer versions of iOS:

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Hello, thanks for the informations. very helpful.
max size are changing all the time, depend of the browser, of the versions…
No problem. Yep, always changing.