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Ive made a magazine with many different page hights. I use the WEB export with navigation arrows for PC users (slide on phone/tablet).

The problem is that when a long page is showed the arrows is in the center of the height and out of the browser window (until i scoll down to find them) Shouldent they be in the center og the browser vindow, so they are always visible for fast browsing through the pages...

Secondly there should be an option to hide the arrows from mobile/tablet browsers! :)
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As of v3.1.13, navigation arrows center vertically to the screen regardless of page height (or scaling).

The arrows are no longer part of the anythingSlider object, they're part of the nav element at the root of the HTML body.

You can attach any of the following inside a .css text file using the Resources section the the in5 dialog.

To hide the arrows on smaller screens (just make sure you have swipe enabled or have designed other navigation options):

@media only screen and (max-device-width : 1024px) {
nav#page-nav > button { display:none !important; }

To set the arrow to a fixed location:

nav#page-nav > button { top:250px; }

(Replace 250 with the number of your choice)

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Thanks! I mark this, "best question" as it answer my question :)
I have to make a small javascript addon, to keep the arrows in the browser window (Sticky), so that the user dont have to scroll to top to find the arrows again.