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I have a 117-page, horizontal orientation InDesign file created to fit a mobile device, in this case a Galaxy Note II. I've dowloaded the trial version of in5, and have done a couple of test exports using the Horizontal Slider setting, processing them through PhoneGap Build to get an apk.

It's a limited test, obviously, because the trial version won't export all those pages. But I got enough to see that, unfortunately, when you touch a button that sends you to another page farther along in the document (app), it scrolls through all intervening pages rather than "jumping" to the page. So, if I have a menu on page 2, with a button that calls page 5, pages 3 and 4 scroll by before stopping at page 5. This is not going to work for what I'm trying to do, clearly, since hitting a button on page 2 that is suppoed to go to page 80, for example, woutd then scroll you through 78 pages before getting to the desired content.

Sorry for the long setup, but felt it was necessary to contextualize the question: Is there any setting that will make the app jump, rather than scroll, to the page that's being called? I'm guessing not, since the entire thing is composed in a single index.html file, but wanted to at least ask.


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No problem, Steve.

Use the Fade In version of the Slider Page Format instead.

Note that PhoneGap Build has some upload limits. You may approach these on a 117-page document:

New App Size Limits

We are increasing our app upload size limits! The new limits are 50MB for free tier users, 100MB for standalone users and 1GB for Creative Cloud subscribers.

Source: http://phonegap.com/blog/2014/12/09/phonegap-build-new-features/

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