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I have several instances where I am using MSOs as popups and when I export using in5, that functionality does not come through.

For instance, you would tap on a person's name and title and a box with their photo and bio pops up. Then there is an "x" to tap to close that box.

I also have several items where you click on the item and a box pops up containing additional information. Those pop-up boxes then have "next" and "previous" and "close" buttons to go through a list of items.

I am also having problems with horizontal scrollable frames – they don't seem to work, either.

My version of in5 is up-to-date and should support MSOs. What am I doing wrong?

here is a link to a an example file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y4d8wcoolbyszo7/graphicdet_admission_test.zip
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Thanks for including the file. We'll take a look.

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Your invisible buttons have Hidden Until Triggered selected in the Buttons and Forms panel, so they are not visible/selectable to start with. If you uncheck this option on the buttons that trigger the MSO, it will work as expected.

We'll be releasing a new version in the next week or so that will improve horizontal scrolling frames. Hopefully that will help.

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v2.2 is now available with improvements to the scrolling frames.