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we want to publish an app magazin via the baker framework. unfortunately our magazin has 598*794px (this came from the print issue with 210*280mm). we donĀ“t want to rebuild the magazin. also liquid layout is not a solution (text is orientated to the baselne grid and if we scale this the layout is broken).
if we produce a website or a web-app, we choose "zoom to page width" under the "device viewport zoom" settings, and all works fine for us.
but in baker this is not working. so we put manualy the viewport metatag with "width=device-width" into everey head of the html pages of our issue and it works.
what we are searching is the options to add this
automatically. somethink like the "add custom css" button.
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Instead of Zoom to Page Width, choose Zoom to Device Width as the Viewport Zoom Setting and it will automatically apply "width=device-width" to every page.

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