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Hello, i'm having issues with fonts from adobe typekit not loading when inserted as a resourse for a while now... Today i realised the font names dont match, in the typekit css is Font family "open-sans" and in the pages.css is "Open Sans". There is a way to quick fix it?
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We've seen font naming in the CSS generated by both Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) and Google Fonts not get the naming right on occasion. The name can be manually changed in the pages.css file in either a text editor such as TextEdit (macOS) or Notepad (Windows) or in an IDE such as Dreamweaver which is available if you have the full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. If it appears in multiple styles, then you can use Find/Replace to change them all at the same time. Or you could create a .css file to attach as a resource to overwrite the font-family for any styles.

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Would you have a sample of code for this .css?

You would download the TypeKit CSS, modify the family names, and attach that local copy instead of the live URL. Here's more information:

Typekit font family name workaround